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Best Restaurants In Iceland

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Iceland receives numerous visitors throughout the year. This is due to its attractive features that are located in different places in the country. Therefore, the country hosts many visitors in its different restaurants throughout the year.

What are the Best Restaurants in Iceland?

Iceland is a haven for natural site tours, culture and history, art, and food lovers. This translates into the need for the Iceland visitors to locate the best restaurants in the Reykjavík to spend time at while at Iceland. The following are some of the best restaurants in the country:

Best Restaurants in Iceland1. DILL Restaurant, Reykjavik

The restaurant is located in Vatnsmyri in Reykjavik. This is a famous wetland and wild bird reserve which has been preserved for many years now. The restaurant is associated with the New Nordic cuisine with various food cultures and ingredients which vary with seasons.

The common dishes at DILL are meatballs with vegetables or plokkfiskur, which includes fish stew and various foods based on one’s preference. The restaurant is also known for its cultural and world famous dishes which are common to Iceland visitors.

Best Restaurants in Iceland2. Grillmarkadurinn, Reykjavik

The restaurant was developed from the Nyja Bio which was a Reykjavik’s art nouveau. The nouveau suffered destruction as a result of fire. Later, the restaurant was constructed on its position.

Grillmarkadurinn is also known for showcasing some of the arts and cultures that were showcased previously. It has various game dishes such as wild animals’ meat and herbs. It is also known for unique dishes such as minke whale steak and reindeer mini burgers.

Best Restaurants in Iceland3. Rub 23, Akureyri

Akureyri is in the northern region of Iceland. It is known as a seafood source with various foods from a selection of fish and other aquatic species. Rud 23 offers sushi and also meat courses with sushi pizzas and other sushi menus.

Its foods come with a mixture of spices and ingredients which are available regardless of the seasons. At Rub 23 you can select various sea-foods from their menu including cod, salmon, catfish, artic char, and turbot. Rub 23 also deals with other types of foods such as livestock meat, various vegetables and herbs, and other dishes which are famous in Iceland.

Best Restaurants in Iceland4. Slippurinn, Vestmannaeyjar Islands

Vestmannaeyjar Islands are in the southern coast region of Iceland where many people visit to sea volcanic eruptions, surtsey, and to enjoy hot springs. Slipurinn restaurant is there to visitors attending this region of the country.

The restaurant is known for its vibrancy in offering up-to-standards services in a warm atmosphere for visitors. At Slipurinn, you can enjoy various foods from the seas, farm, and industries such as meat burgers, vegetables, meat, and fish.

Best Restaurants in Iceland5. Lava, Grindavik

This restaurant is located near the blue lagoon. Lava is the most favorable place for Iceland local dishes. The restaurant also offers great cocktails and casual as well as group services. Among the common dishes available at Lava Restaurant include seafood such as cod, catfish, salmon, and artic char as well as local dishes common to its visitors.


Iceland is a famous destination for many visitors. This has encouraged many investors to invest in classic restaurants with exquisite cuisine and the New Nordic approaches in their food manifesto and services. Currently, Iceland has over 500 famous restaurants located in various places in the country.