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Hotelet de la Raconá

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Hotelet de la Raconá is located at Denia and in the front of El Trampoli Beach in Spain. It is a famous hotel due to its classic and cost-effective services. The hotel is easily accessed by a 10-15 minutes drive from Denia and 5-minute drive from Mongo Nature Reserve.

This hotel is the top romantic hotel in Denia. It has various amenities such as bar, restaurant, and rooms which enhances it to offer different services. Hotelet de la Raconá is also known for its specialty in seafood as well as Mediterranean cuisine and local cooking.

What Services are Available at Hotelet de la Raconá?

Hotelet de la RaconáAs a visitors’ destination which welcomes different visitors from different parts of the world, Hotelet de la Raconá offers a variety of services which are meant to serve its various customers adequately and at any time.

The hotel has a restaurant, bar, lounge, and a dry cleaning center to serve its customers. From these areas in the hotel, you can enjoy different services around the clock. Its restaurant has numerous dishes which are famous in Spain and in the Mediterranean region.

The hotel has spa, outdoor seasonal pool, a spacious garden and terraces, tennis courts, hair and beauty departments, free self parking, and pool sun loungers. Therefore, visitors can enjoy spending the day or the night while doing different activities in the hotel.

Its rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi, bathtubs and showerheads, in-room climate controls and air conditioners, private bathrooms, hair dryer, smoke-free properties, digital TV services, and room services. Thus, the hotel; visitors do not have to seek services from outside their rooms especially when they are settled at night.

Also, the Hotelet de la Raconá’s rooms are properly designed with romantic features such as blackout drapes, increased lighting, and bathtubs. Other features such as romantic environment with a couple of activities to be done by lovers also attract many visitors to the hotel.

Hotelet de la Raconá is also known for Mediterranean local cooking with dishes such as seafood, rice, and paellas among others. It also offers extra beds in case more visitors depending on the type of room that is chosen.

Guest Policies and Booking Services

Hotelet de la RaconáThe hotel can offer its guests with extra services such as added beds ion certain rooms in case more visitors decide to spend their time in a single room. However, this depends with the type of room that is selected.

If you book more than five rooms at the hotel, you may enjoy discounts and other additional supplements. However, visitors are required to clarify their booking in order to ensure that the rooms do not remain out of service.

This may be done by informing Hotelet de la Raconá on the time of arrival and payment agreements. The hotel offers online booking services especially to visitors who are in far locations or countries.


Your visit in Spain may be one of a kind if you consider spending your time at the Hotelet de la Raconá. This classy and romantic hotel is known due to its numerous services as well as its multilingual staff members who are your warm service anytime that you need them.


Best Hotels In Spain

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Spain is a home to luxury, boutique, and budget hotels which are classy and attractive to many visitors. These hotels are located in different towns and cities such as Madrid, Seville, Cordoba, and Bilbao.

Are you on your way to Spain? You should not wonder which hotel to spend your tour at since Spain has a wide variety for you to make your choice. Here are some of the hotels that you may find interesting in Spain:

1. Lani’s Suites de Luxe, Canary Islands

Best Hotels In SpainThis hotel is located in Canary Islands which exposes you to an Atlantic seafront and an extensive beach to enjoy your time. The hotel is favorable for sumptuously appointed suites and for dining restaurant purposes since it offers classy cuisine. You can book for a place in the hotel by searching online.

2. Soho House, Barcelona

Best Hotels In SpainThis hotel is in Catalonia. The Soho House is largely famous due to its services such as spa, in-door pool, equipped gym, and the best of cuisine. You can walk your way down to the hotel from La Rambla. The hotel has Mediterranean designs and attractive gardens that make it look elegant. The staff members working at the hotel are also friendly and supportive.

3. Balcon de Cordoba, Cordoba

Best Hotels In SpainBalcon de Cordoba has coveted features such as simple but attractive rooms which are airy and with large windows for clear view and cost-effectiveness especially for individuals travelling with their families. The hotel is also open to an extensive beach known as The Costa’s. You can enjoy other services such as laundry, WI-FI, restaurant, bar, and pools at the hotel.

4. Hotel R2 Rio Calma

Best Hotels In SpainThis is a 4-star hotel found in the Fuerteventura region of Spain. It is also known as Costa Calma by many people in Spain. The hotel is largely popular for purposes such as group meetings, conferences, and wedding reception venue.

It is a large hotel with a sufficient room for various activities. It offers a wide range of services such as bar, kids’ club, laundry, fitness center and gym, parking, in-door pool, restaurant, spa and sauna, and stream room. You can also enjoy warm room services and Wi-Fi.

5. Lopesan Villa del Conde

Best Hotels In SpainThis hotel is in Gran Canaria in Canary Islands. You can easily access the hotel on your way from the south-west’s Puerto Rico. This hotel has numerous recent designs in construction and style since it is a new hotel in Spain. It offers a variety of services such as spacious outdoor pool, bar, fitness center, laundry, and spa among many others.

6. The Urban Villa, Marbella, Malaga

Best Hotels In SpainFrom this hotel, you can have a spectacular coast view stretching all the way to Gibraltar and Morocco. The hotel was developed from two farmhouses and designed with Mediterranean style which is common in the region. There are different services offered at the hotel such as outdoor pool, room service, bar restaurant, Wi-Fi, and laundry among others.


There are numerous classy hotels in Spain. It all depends on the region of the country or city that you intend to visit. These hotels are designed in various styles with the Mediterranean-feel tending to control many regional hotels in Spain. Spanish hotels are also famous due to various services and visitor-oriented approach.


Top Shopping Centers in Europe

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There are various shopping centers in different parts of Europe. These centers are associated with a wide variety of items that ranges from food meals, artworks, clothing, ornaments, and clothing. The shopping centers are in form of shopping malls, boutiques, streets, historical centers and malls, and even villages.

What are the Top Shopping Centers in Europe?

European cities such as Milan, Paris, London, Madrid, and Berlin among others host numerous shopping centers which are home for various products and items. The following is a couple of European shopping centers in different countries.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe1. Bicester Village, London

This elegant shopping village is located in the heart of England. Bicester Village is known for quality and luxury brands of products such as clothing, flowers, jewelry, accessories, books, and ornaments. You can also enjoy luxurious shopping experience and honorable dishes at this center.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe2. La Vallée Village, Paris

This shopping center has a designer boutique, décor stores for home and workplaces, classy jewelry shop, and a luxurious café. The center deals with famous brands of products such as Armani, Valentino, and Celine among others.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe3. Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II, Milan

Arguably, this is one of the most classic and elegant places where you can do shopping in Europe. The center is in a four-storey arcade which offers different products. You can enjoy purchasing products such as clothing, jewels, cosmetics, flowers, and meals at the center. The center has been operating since the ancient times as it was founded by Paolo Biffi in 1867.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe4. Kanyon, Istanbul

Turkey is known for favorite brands in clothing, jewelry, historical books, flowers, accessories, and artwork. All these products can be easily gotten at Kanyon in Istanbul. This shopping center hosts over 160 stores which offer a wide range of products.

The center is associated with various brands of products, classy cafes, and product exhibitions before market entry. In this center, you can grab yourself several items which will p-lease you due to their style and durability aspects.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe5. The Quartier 206, Berlin

This center was established in 1997 by Maria Jagdfeld. The center grew famous due to its vibrancy in seeking different products for its stores from different companies, museums, industries, and other producers across Europe and the whole world.

This attracted many people into the center as well as increasing its revenue. The center is a leading dealer in design fashion, top brands of products, couture, cosmetics, jewelry, books, arts, interior décor items, and flowers among others.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe6. Trafford Center, Manchester

The center operates in street shops and also in up-market stores in order to serve different customers at their convenience. Trafford Center also holds activities such as product exhibition, tea dances, pop concerts, book and t-shirt signings, and fashion shows.

These activities attract many customers from various parts of the world into shopping at the center. Trafford Center is a popular dealer in jewelry, fashion clothing, beauty products, flowers, books, and meals.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe7. La Roca Village, Barcelona

The land of Catalonia is famous due to Mediterranean products and designs. These all can be found in Barcelona and specifically in La Roca Village. Its inspired architecture inspires a vibrant environment for the sale of different products such as clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and books among other products.


Europe has a wide range of cultures and arts that are found in different countries. The best way to enjoy and experience European cultures and designs of art, clothing, cosmetics, and interior décor is through conducting shopping in the various shopping centers in major cities of Europe.


5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Switzerland

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Switzerland may be quite small when compared to other European nations. However, this does not mean it does not have a lot to offer. In fact, it has set itself apart from the remainder of Europe. Switzerland is a tourist mecca offering cosmopolitan cities, peaceful environments and unparalleled landscapes. The country has a lot to offer, with the five main reasons being:

The waterfalls

Reasons Why You should Visit SwitzerlandThe waterfalls in Switzerland are an inspiration to painters and poets. They are among the biggest and highest in Europe. One of the 72 spectacular falls is the Staubbach Falls. Byron and Goethe have written about these falls. The largest waterfall in the country is the Rhine Falls. Most tourists take photos at the top of this waterfall.


There is a varied cuisine in Switzerland due to the influences from its surrounding nations. For instance, if someone is in the canton of Vaud which is near France, they will be treated to French dishes such as potatoes and leeks with filled sausages (Saucisson). People near the German border will be treated to German-influenced specialties. Those who are around Lake Maggiore which is near Italy can have their fill of risotto and pasta.


Most, if not all, tourists who visit Switzerland will look forward to sampling the country’s chocolates. The ones that instantly melt in the mouth are the favorite for many people. Visitors to the country can choose from a variety of brands such as Chocolat Villars, Suchard and Callier. People who love chocolate or simply have an interest can visit any of the many chocolate factories scattered around the country. A good place to start would be the 150-year-old Maestrani which is in St. Gallen.

Winter sports

Reasons Why You should Visit SwitzerlandOne of the greatest attractions in the country is winter sports. The breathtaking mountains attract painter and poets, as well as daredevils looking for thrills. With 217 miles of ski pistes, the oldest bob run and the Cresta run skeleton track, St. Moritz in the Engadin would be worth a visit. The chic resort has been the home of the winter Olympics twice. The bob run is the oldest in the world and is constructed every year from natural ice. Anyone who is interested in winter sports will find Switzerland to have a lot to offer.


There are a lot of other things you can buy aside from Swiss chocolates and cheese. For example, Swiss watches are obviously on the top of the list. They are considered to be the best in the world and one can easily find best swiss brand names such as Tissot, Swatch and Rolex. You might wish to get mementos like leather items, crystal accessories, music boxes and cowbells. If you are looking for a Swiss army knife, this is the place you are guaranteed of getting an authentic one.


Travelling to another country is not always easy. A person who is looking for a place to go on vacation might have some trouble deciding on a location. These five reasons should be good enough to consider Switzerland as a worthy destination.

Things to Do in Golden Circle

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Golden Circle is one of the most visited places in Iceland and has become a major tourist attraction for anyone visiting Iceland. This is due to its vast tourist attraction sites such as geothermal landscape, hot springs, and other natural features such as waterfalls and national parks that attract different visitors from across the world.

What are the Things to do in Golden Circle?

The Golden Circle is located near Keflavik Airport which is next to the Iceland capital of Reykjavik. At Golden Circle, you can find a couple of activities that are interesting for you to spend time doing during your northern region tour. These include:

Thing to Do in Golden Circle1. A Visit to the Thingvellir National Park

In 1994, the Thingvellir National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its uniqueness and ability to attract various tourists from different world regions. At the park, you can have the best view of earth processes such as faults and fissures movement in the earth crust.

The park is also famous due to historical and cultural aspects associated with it. Initially, the Thingvellir National Park was the location of the Iceland parliament, Althingi which dates many centuries ago. The park also has several flora and fauna species that are unique to the land.

Thing to Do in Golden Circle2. Watching the Northern Lights

If you visit Reykjavik during mid-August and towards the end of September or between mid-November and mid-April, you have the best chance to watch the auroras. These lights are reflected in the sky by the sun at dawn and at dusk.

You can watch these lights comfortably at the Golden Circle. All you need is to either rise up early in the morning or to wait up until the dusk for a clear view of these lights in the sky. This seasonal event is attractive to many Iceland visitors.

Thing to Do in Golden Circle3. A Visit at Golden Circle Geysers

The Golden Circle has two famous geysers including the Great Geyser and the Strokkur Geyser. If you travel through the Keflavik Airport, you can actually view jets of water and misty appearance in the atmosphere at the Great Geysers.

There is also a smell of sulfur in the air which represents the reactions taking place in the earth crust which results to sprays of water above 20 meters high. At the Strokkur Geyser, there is also hot springs with improved facilities such as changing rooms where you can enjoy soaking yourself after visiting this natural site.

Thing to Do in Golden Circle4. Visiting the Secret Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon is famously known for its hidden routes which restricts access to many people. This is done in order to prevent the lagoon from being destroyed or having its natural activities interrupted.

The water at the Secret Lagoon comes from Gamla Laugin, Flaudir which is also a natural geyser. Thus, the water is warm for the hot springs available at the lagoon. Different services such as changing rooms and showers are also offered to visitors at the Secret Lagoon.

Thing to Do in Golden Circle5. Visiting the Gulfoss Waterfall

The Gulfoss Waterfall is among the most famous waterfalls on the planet. It is confined in a rocky area with water coming from different streets and later being turned into moisture before it hits the floor of the fall. At the fall, there is an attractive rocky, grass, and hilly area which is liked by many visitors for filming, taking pictures, and even relaxing.


The Golden Circle has a variety of activities that you can find interesting and unique to do in your visit to the polar region. While at Reykjavik, you may take advantage of the Golden Circle Bus Tours which are scheduled for visitors for cost-effectiveness and direction safety.


Best Restaurants In Iceland

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Iceland receives numerous visitors throughout the year. This is due to its attractive features that are located in different places in the country. Therefore, the country hosts many visitors in its different restaurants throughout the year.

What are the Best Restaurants in Iceland?

Iceland is a haven for natural site tours, culture and history, art, and food lovers. This translates into the need for the Iceland visitors to locate the best restaurants in the Reykjavík to spend time at while at Iceland. The following are some of the best restaurants in the country:

Best Restaurants in Iceland1. DILL Restaurant, Reykjavik

The restaurant is located in Vatnsmyri in Reykjavik. This is a famous wetland and wild bird reserve which has been preserved for many years now. The restaurant is associated with the New Nordic cuisine with various food cultures and ingredients which vary with seasons.

The common dishes at DILL are meatballs with vegetables or plokkfiskur, which includes fish stew and various foods based on one’s preference. The restaurant is also known for its cultural and world famous dishes which are common to Iceland visitors.

Best Restaurants in Iceland2. Grillmarkadurinn, Reykjavik

The restaurant was developed from the Nyja Bio which was a Reykjavik’s art nouveau. The nouveau suffered destruction as a result of fire. Later, the restaurant was constructed on its position.

Grillmarkadurinn is also known for showcasing some of the arts and cultures that were showcased previously. It has various game dishes such as wild animals’ meat and herbs. It is also known for unique dishes such as minke whale steak and reindeer mini burgers.

Best Restaurants in Iceland3. Rub 23, Akureyri

Akureyri is in the northern region of Iceland. It is known as a seafood source with various foods from a selection of fish and other aquatic species. Rud 23 offers sushi and also meat courses with sushi pizzas and other sushi menus.

Its foods come with a mixture of spices and ingredients which are available regardless of the seasons. At Rub 23 you can select various sea-foods from their menu including cod, salmon, catfish, artic char, and turbot. Rub 23 also deals with other types of foods such as livestock meat, various vegetables and herbs, and other dishes which are famous in Iceland.

Best Restaurants in Iceland4. Slippurinn, Vestmannaeyjar Islands

Vestmannaeyjar Islands are in the southern coast region of Iceland where many people visit to sea volcanic eruptions, surtsey, and to enjoy hot springs. Slipurinn restaurant is there to visitors attending this region of the country.

The restaurant is known for its vibrancy in offering up-to-standards services in a warm atmosphere for visitors. At Slipurinn, you can enjoy various foods from the seas, farm, and industries such as meat burgers, vegetables, meat, and fish.

Best Restaurants in Iceland5. Lava, Grindavik

This restaurant is located near the blue lagoon. Lava is the most favorable place for Iceland local dishes. The restaurant also offers great cocktails and casual as well as group services. Among the common dishes available at Lava Restaurant include seafood such as cod, catfish, salmon, and artic char as well as local dishes common to its visitors.


Iceland is a famous destination for many visitors. This has encouraged many investors to invest in classic restaurants with exquisite cuisine and the New Nordic approaches in their food manifesto and services. Currently, Iceland has over 500 famous restaurants located in various places in the country.


Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany

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It is impossible for a person to claim to have been on a tour of Europe without setting foot in Germany. This is because the country is central to the European country. Just like a visit to Germany is central to a traveler’s European experience, Frankfurt is central to a traveler’s German experience. The following are some of the places where a traveler to Frankfurt would be comfortable staying.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany1. Villa Orchard

This is a low-cost bed and breakfast. The rooms are spacious it is in close proximity to the city center. Closeness to the city means that guests get to visit the historic old city. There are balconies in the rooms and the general setup makes the hotel ideal for families visiting the city. Other than space, the hotel is in a quiet place. These two reasons are why the place is ideal for a family.

River Rhine is a walking distance from the hotel and guests can walk to the river and then enjoy spending time on the river banks. The hotel is a mile away from Hofheimer Wochenmarkt. Guests can therefore make their way to the market and sample some of the German products.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany2. The Goldman

This 97-room hotel is designed with the tourist in mind. The rooms are color themed and the overall design is chic. The hotel has also invested in modern gadgetry including free Wi-Fi in the public area, bike hire and car hire. There is a lively bar which plays contemporary music. The hotel also has a restaurant and a bar. The bar is at the terrace giving the guests a view.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany3. The Pure

The name of this hotel mirrors its décor. The hotel has an all-white décor. Floors in the rooms are all parquet which exude some warmth to somewhat neutralize all the white that suggests winter. The hotel has a spa and a bar that is generally well liked. This means that the bar is usually teeming with life in the nights. The Pure combines a little bit of night life to the residency.

To the tourist, The Pure is a walking distance from the old city.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany4. Libertine Lindenberg

This is a small hotel with 17 rooms. The rooms have a clean an elegant design. Colors are clean and well mixed. The hotel also has comfortable furniture making it a good place for those on a worming place as it allows them to repose in the house. For a site seeing, the hotel is a mere five minutes’ walk from the legendary Museum Quarter. The hotel is also a five-minute walk from the Dom St Bartholomaus.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany5. Schloss Hotel Kronberg

This hotel has a total of 62 rooms. The hotel is located in a castle that at one time belonged to the empress. The hotel grounds have an 18-hole golf course. This makes the hotel ideal for visitors for pleasure. There is also a gourmet restaurant in the hotel. The hotel itself is a little outside Frankfurt but it is just a short distance off. There are other places such as Gubermuhle, Hotel Hamburger Hof, Hotel Concorde and many others. In city as big and as advanced as Frankfurt, there is no shortage of places to stay.


There are hotels for all price ranges. The city is one of the main commercial centers in Germany and there are also sites to be seen in it. This means that whether the trip to Germany is for business or pleasure, the traveler will feel right at home.