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Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany

Thomas Sebastian 0

It is impossible for a person to claim to have been on a tour of Europe without setting foot in Germany. This is because the country is central to the European country. Just like a visit to Germany is central to a traveler’s European experience, Frankfurt is central to a traveler’s German experience. The following are some of the places where a traveler to Frankfurt would be comfortable staying.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany1. Villa Orchard

This is a low-cost bed and breakfast. The rooms are spacious it is in close proximity to the city center. Closeness to the city means that guests get to visit the historic old city. There are balconies in the rooms and the general setup makes the hotel ideal for families visiting the city. Other than space, the hotel is in a quiet place. These two reasons are why the place is ideal for a family.

River Rhine is a walking distance from the hotel and guests can walk to the river and then enjoy spending time on the river banks. The hotel is a mile away from Hofheimer Wochenmarkt. Guests can therefore make their way to the market and sample some of the German products.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany2. The Goldman

This 97-room hotel is designed with the tourist in mind. The rooms are color themed and the overall design is chic. The hotel has also invested in modern gadgetry including free Wi-Fi in the public area, bike hire and car hire. There is a lively bar which plays contemporary music. The hotel also has a restaurant and a bar. The bar is at the terrace giving the guests a view.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany3. The Pure

The name of this hotel mirrors its décor. The hotel has an all-white décor. Floors in the rooms are all parquet which exude some warmth to somewhat neutralize all the white that suggests winter. The hotel has a spa and a bar that is generally well liked. This means that the bar is usually teeming with life in the nights. The Pure combines a little bit of night life to the residency.

To the tourist, The Pure is a walking distance from the old city.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany4. Libertine Lindenberg

This is a small hotel with 17 rooms. The rooms have a clean an elegant design. Colors are clean and well mixed. The hotel also has comfortable furniture making it a good place for those on a worming place as it allows them to repose in the house. For a site seeing, the hotel is a mere five minutes’ walk from the legendary Museum Quarter. The hotel is also a five-minute walk from the Dom St Bartholomaus.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany5. Schloss Hotel Kronberg

This hotel has a total of 62 rooms. The hotel is located in a castle that at one time belonged to the empress. The hotel grounds have an 18-hole golf course. This makes the hotel ideal for visitors for pleasure. There is also a gourmet restaurant in the hotel. The hotel itself is a little outside Frankfurt but it is just a short distance off. There are other places such as Gubermuhle, Hotel Hamburger Hof, Hotel Concorde and many others. In city as big and as advanced as Frankfurt, there is no shortage of places to stay.


There are hotels for all price ranges. The city is one of the main commercial centers in Germany and there are also sites to be seen in it. This means that whether the trip to Germany is for business or pleasure, the traveler will feel right at home.