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Things to Do in Golden Circle

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Golden Circle is one of the most visited places in Iceland and has become a major tourist attraction for anyone visiting Iceland. This is due to its vast tourist attraction sites such as geothermal landscape, hot springs, and other natural features such as waterfalls and national parks that attract different visitors from across the world.

What are the Things to do in Golden Circle?

The Golden Circle is located near Keflavik Airport which is next to the Iceland capital of Reykjavik. At Golden Circle, you can find a couple of activities that are interesting for you to spend time doing during your northern region tour. These include:

Thing to Do in Golden Circle1. A Visit to the Thingvellir National Park

In 1994, the Thingvellir National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its uniqueness and ability to attract various tourists from different world regions. At the park, you can have the best view of earth processes such as faults and fissures movement in the earth crust.

The park is also famous due to historical and cultural aspects associated with it. Initially, the Thingvellir National Park was the location of the Iceland parliament, Althingi which dates many centuries ago. The park also has several flora and fauna species that are unique to the land.

Thing to Do in Golden Circle2. Watching the Northern Lights

If you visit Reykjavik during mid-August and towards the end of September or between mid-November and mid-April, you have the best chance to watch the auroras. These lights are reflected in the sky by the sun at dawn and at dusk.

You can watch these lights comfortably at the Golden Circle. All you need is to either rise up early in the morning or to wait up until the dusk for a clear view of these lights in the sky. This seasonal event is attractive to many Iceland visitors.

Thing to Do in Golden Circle3. A Visit at Golden Circle Geysers

The Golden Circle has two famous geysers including the Great Geyser and the Strokkur Geyser. If you travel through the Keflavik Airport, you can actually view jets of water and misty appearance in the atmosphere at the Great Geysers.

There is also a smell of sulfur in the air which represents the reactions taking place in the earth crust which results to sprays of water above 20 meters high. At the Strokkur Geyser, there is also hot springs with improved facilities such as changing rooms where you can enjoy soaking yourself after visiting this natural site.

Thing to Do in Golden Circle4. Visiting the Secret Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon is famously known for its hidden routes which restricts access to many people. This is done in order to prevent the lagoon from being destroyed or having its natural activities interrupted.

The water at the Secret Lagoon comes from Gamla Laugin, Flaudir which is also a natural geyser. Thus, the water is warm for the hot springs available at the lagoon. Different services such as changing rooms and showers are also offered to visitors at the Secret Lagoon.

Thing to Do in Golden Circle5. Visiting the Gulfoss Waterfall

The Gulfoss Waterfall is among the most famous waterfalls on the planet. It is confined in a rocky area with water coming from different streets and later being turned into moisture before it hits the floor of the fall. At the fall, there is an attractive rocky, grass, and hilly area which is liked by many visitors for filming, taking pictures, and even relaxing.


The Golden Circle has a variety of activities that you can find interesting and unique to do in your visit to the polar region. While at Reykjavik, you may take advantage of the Golden Circle Bus Tours which are scheduled for visitors for cost-effectiveness and direction safety.