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Top Shopping Centers in Europe

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There are various shopping centers in different parts of Europe. These centers are associated with a wide variety of items that ranges from food meals, artworks, clothing, ornaments, and clothing. The shopping centers are in form of shopping malls, boutiques, streets, historical centers and malls, and even villages.

What are the Top Shopping Centers in Europe?

European cities such as Milan, Paris, London, Madrid, and Berlin among others host numerous shopping centers which are home for various products and items. The following is a couple of European shopping centers in different countries.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe1. Bicester Village, London

This elegant shopping village is located in the heart of England. Bicester Village is known for quality and luxury brands of products such as clothing, flowers, jewelry, accessories, books, and ornaments. You can also enjoy luxurious shopping experience and honorable dishes at this center.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe2. La Vallée Village, Paris

This shopping center has a designer boutique, décor stores for home and workplaces, classy jewelry shop, and a luxurious café. The center deals with famous brands of products such as Armani, Valentino, and Celine among others.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe3. Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II, Milan

Arguably, this is one of the most classic and elegant places where you can do shopping in Europe. The center is in a four-storey arcade which offers different products. You can enjoy purchasing products such as clothing, jewels, cosmetics, flowers, and meals at the center. The center has been operating since the ancient times as it was founded by Paolo Biffi in 1867.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe4. Kanyon, Istanbul

Turkey is known for favorite brands in clothing, jewelry, historical books, flowers, accessories, and artwork. All these products can be easily gotten at Kanyon in Istanbul. This shopping center hosts over 160 stores which offer a wide range of products.

The center is associated with various brands of products, classy cafes, and product exhibitions before market entry. In this center, you can grab yourself several items which will p-lease you due to their style and durability aspects.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe5. The Quartier 206, Berlin

This center was established in 1997 by Maria Jagdfeld. The center grew famous due to its vibrancy in seeking different products for its stores from different companies, museums, industries, and other producers across Europe and the whole world.

This attracted many people into the center as well as increasing its revenue. The center is a leading dealer in design fashion, top brands of products, couture, cosmetics, jewelry, books, arts, interior décor items, and flowers among others.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe6. Trafford Center, Manchester

The center operates in street shops and also in up-market stores in order to serve different customers at their convenience. Trafford Center also holds activities such as product exhibition, tea dances, pop concerts, book and t-shirt signings, and fashion shows.

These activities attract many customers from various parts of the world into shopping at the center. Trafford Center is a popular dealer in jewelry, fashion clothing, beauty products, flowers, books, and meals.

Top Shopping Centers in Europe7. La Roca Village, Barcelona

The land of Catalonia is famous due to Mediterranean products and designs. These all can be found in Barcelona and specifically in La Roca Village. Its inspired architecture inspires a vibrant environment for the sale of different products such as clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and books among other products.


Europe has a wide range of cultures and arts that are found in different countries. The best way to enjoy and experience European cultures and designs of art, clothing, cosmetics, and interior décor is through conducting shopping in the various shopping centers in major cities of Europe.